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How To Repair PST Files


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How to repair PST file

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Corrupt PST file

Learn how to repair .pst files so you can recover your emails, folders and data from Microsoft Outlook 2002, 2003, and 2007.

MS Outlook recovery tools are used to get back your lost Outlook data from a corrupt or damaged MS Outlook Personal Storage File by repairing the PST file. These solutions work when all other options do not fix your corrupt PST file. These other options include the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool and scanpst.exe.

Step 1. Download the free PST Repair tool below;

Step 2. Select your PST file by:

  • Clicking Select PST File button
  • Browse to the file, select it and click Open.


Search for your PST file by:

  • Clicking Search PST File button
  • Specify the Search Options and click Start.
  • (We recommend selecting the checkbox labeled Search Subfolders, for a complete search.)

Step 3. Choose destination path (if required)

  • Select a specific folder to save the repaired file to
  • By default the tool will use the same location as that of the original file

Step 4. Click Start Recovery button.

  • The progress bar will show the status of repair process.
  • After repairing, everything extracted from the PST file will appear on the main user interface.

Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Can't Always Repair Corrupt PST Files

Third party PST tools use complex algorithms and new technology to repair your PST files unlike Microsoft's Inbox Repair Tool. Your PST file cannot always be repaired by using the Inbox Repair Tool.

The Inbox Repair Tool attempts to repair the header of PST files and then deletes everything else that it does not understand. Here are the scenarios where the Inbox Repair Tool will work and will not work.

If by chance the header of your PST file is the only thing corrupt then the Inbox Repair Tool will not trouble repairing your PST file.

But if more than just the header is corrupt the Inbox Repair Tool will remove everything it does not understand and probably leave you with an even more corrupt PST file.

Third Party PST Repair Tools

When the Inbox Repair Tool does not work it's time to turn to third party software to repair your corrupt PST file. These solutions repairs the whole file and not just the headers.

Problems With Centralized Data Storage

The idea of centralized data and file storage has some pros and cons. Saving time and improving efficiency locating information are some pros of centralized data and file storage. But having all the data in just a few files can be very dangerous and risky. These files can become corrupt easily due to a hard drive crash, virus, power outage or even a large network crash.

When you get errors that point to you having a corrupt PST file you should act quickly and repair the PST file so you can get back your tasks, notes, calendar and emails.

What Are Outlook PST files?

MS Outlook uses PST files to store and save its data. MS Outlook is used by many companies and individuals, probably more than any other email program. With Outlook holding contact information, emails, calendars, and notes a corrupt PST file can cause serious problems. Possibly crucial data and files become inaccessible when a PST file become corrupt or damaged. Losing crucial data causes problems especially for companies.